Virtual Private Network (VPN) Software

Allow users to access your office network via a secure connection with Allworx VPN Software.  Now your office network can be used just like cloud based services but  at significantly lower costs than traditional lines or other leading alternatives. The Allworx VPN Software easily extends the reach of your secure network by:

Out of office staff members: For example, let’s say an employee in the field needs access to files stored on your companies server, with Allworx VPN, the employee can securely access the company files he needs via a laptop.

Office access from home: Simply install Allworx VPN on a home computer, and a employee can work from home, with ease and secure access to the company network and files.

Key Features

  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) — PPTP Security
  • Allows access for up to 16 simultaneous users
  • One VPN license for your system administrator (comes standard with all systems)
  • Gain full access remotely to server files, email, directories etc.

Additional Options

  • One time license fee
  • Unlimited number of users